CIRCA 1993

I Am Dracula – Written by Roy Thomas. Art and Cover by Esteban Maroto. In the bloody history of the Balkans, no man was the equal of the monstrous Prince Vlad Tepes – a man devoid of mercy, a man whose order and deeds condemned not scores, not hundreds, but tens of thousands of men, women and children to hideous death by impalement. In the first issue, witness the growth of the child, Vlad Dracula, medieval prince of Wallachia, and his swift initiation into an intrigue-laden life of brutality, blood-letting and betrayal. Learning at bitter cost how…and why…he can trust no man, not even his brother, the child Vlad Dracula grows into a man obsessed with the desire to survive and wreak vengeance. Behold how, as Prince Dracula, he begins to turn that desire into terrifying reality…and in so doing becomes Vlad the Impaler! 32 pages, full color. Cover price $2.95. Original trading cards not included.