ALF #29
CIRCA 1988


Comic book version of the TV sitcom and cartoon that aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990 featuring an Alien Life Form (ALF) living with a family. When Brian works on the school newspaper, ALF gives him some lessons on investigative reporting in “Used Karma.” Then ALF explains to Brian what horrible places theme parks are by telling him all about the Melmac version of theme parks in “Pop Goes the Quiz.” And in “The Melmatchmaker,” ALF fears for the worst when Kate and Willie have an argument and tries to resolve their differences. Scripts by Michael Gallagher and art by Dave Manak & Marie Severin. Issue has a Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation which states that the average monthly total paid circulation for the preceding 12 months was 108,600 issues. Cover price $1.00. 3D glasses missing.